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CBD for Acne page

endocannabinoid system and skin regulation:

endocannabinoid system and production of sebum:

endocannabinoid system biphasic control of skin, hair, and sebum:

Is CBD active in skin tissue:

CBD and sebum over-production:

CBD and components of acne:


CBD for Addiction page


Addiction and retro-virus:

Nicotine primes brain for addiction:

Genetic effects on addiction:

Summary of endocannabinoid system and addiction:

Epigenetics and addiction:

Cue-based addiction:

Summary of CBD and addiction:

CBD and reward effect of morphine:

Triggers of relapse and CBD:

CBD blocks cocaine's ability to stop brand plasticity:

CBD as protection from neurotoxicity from alcohol:

CBD reduces amphetamine effect in brain:

CBD blocks cues that drive relapse:

CBD and nicotine addiction:

CBD and nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

Review of CBD addiction studies here:

CBD is not shown to be addictive:

CBD and methadone adherence:

Cannabis and opiod overdose relationship:

CBD for cannabis withdrawal symtoms:



CBD for Allergies page

Increase in allergies:

High histamine foods:

Histamine intolerance:

Stats on allergies:

Antibiotics and allergies:

Early exposure and allergies:

Microbiome and allergies:

More microbiome and allergies:

CB1 and CB2 receptors and asthma:

Endocannabinoid effect on allergic response:

Endocannabinoid to calm allergic response:

CBD effects on asthma:

CBD effects on inflammatory chemicals:




CBD for Anxiety page

CBD, anxiety, and animal studies:

CBD and 5HT pathways:

Stressful situations and CBD:

CBD, anxiety, and brain scans:

CBD, limbic, and paralimbic activity:

Anandamide and anxiety:

How CBD helps anxiety:

Endocannabinoid system and anxiety:

Phobias and PTSD:

Childhood trauma and CBD:

CBD does not impair function:

Summary of CBD and anxiety:


CBD for Arthritis page


topical CBD and arthritis:

CBD and osteoarthritic pain:

CBD and Alzheimer's:

CBD and immune system:

CBD and rheumatoid arthritis:


CBD for Autism page

Theories of autism:

Overly intense world theory:

Oxytocin and autism:

Hormone and autism:

Overmasculanization of the brain and autism:

Gender difference and autism:

Oxytocin and Autism:

Oxytocin treatment and austism:

Oxytocin nasal sprays:

Brain area mediates communication:

Sensory overload and autism:

GABA pathway broken and autism:

GABA and autism:

Autism and gastrointestinal issues:

Gut bacteria and autism:

Oxytosin and autism:

Gut bacteria and neurotransmitters:

Bad bacteria and autism:

Antibiotics and autism:

Gut biome and neurotransmitters:

Inflammation and autism:

Neuroinflammation and autism:

Mother with autoimmune and autism:

Immune response and autism:

Autoimmune and autism:

Surplus of neurons:

Brain pruning and autism:

Autism and histamine release:

Autism and mast cell activation:

Histamine and autism behavior:

Endocannabinoid system and autism:

2-AG and autism:

Endocannabinoind gene and autism:

Autism related gene and endocannabinoid system:

CB1 receptors and autism:

Endocannabinoid system and GABA:

Endocannabinoid system and Glutamate:

CB genes and endocannabinoids:

FAAH and endocannabinoids:

Summary of endocannabinoids and autism:

Endocannabinoid and neuroinflammation:

CBD boost GABA signalling:


CBD and autism:

CBD and ocytocin:

CBD boosts Anandamide:

CBD and neuroplasticity:

Homeostatis and brain function:

CBD and neuron growth:

Neuroinflammation and brain:

Neuroinflammation in austism brain:

CBD and neuroinflammation with autism:

CBD and autoimmune:

TCells and autism:

CBD and histamine response:




CBD for Autoimmune Disease and the Immune System page

Autoimmune and women:

autoimmune in developed world:

Appendicitis and Parkinson's:

Plaques in arteries from bacteria:

Harmful bacteria migration and autoimmune:

Antibiotic and autoimmune:

Leaky gut and autoimmune:

Chemicals in umbilical cord blood:

Endocannabinoid system and gut toxin removal:

Role of endocannabinoid system and immune system:

CBD and encephalomyelitis:

CBD and MS immune response:

CBD and T Cells:

CBD's effect on inflammatory diseases:


CBD for Bipolar page

hormone imbalanced not bipolar:

hormone levels predict episodes:

hormone imbalance after pregnancy and bipolar:

pms and bipolar:

triggers for bipolar:

inflammation, glutamate, and bipolar:

toxins in nervous system and bipolar:

H pilori and bipolar:

gut bacteria and bipolar:

antibiotics and mania:

probiotics and bipolar:

MTHFR and bipolar:

MTRR and bipolar;

nitrates and bipolar:

gut bacteria and depression:

histamine response and bipolar:

histamine type bipolar:

bipolar meds and histamines:

hippocampus mitochondria and bipolar:

different aspects of bipolar:

CB gene variants and bipolar:

more endocannabinoid genes and bipolar:

neurogenesis and endocannabinoid system:

reduced hippocampus and bipolar:

neuronal growth key to CBD's effect on anxiety:

CBD as neuroprotective:

CBD to normalize neurotransmitters:

CBD, bipolar, and stratium:

CBD as anti-convulsant:

CBD and effect on serotonin for antidepressant effect:





CBD for Blood Pressure page

Endocannabinoid receptors and blood pressure:

Endocannabinoid and blood pressure:

Inflammation and arterial plaques:

Anandamide as vasodialator:

Endocannabinoid and blood pressure pathway:

Summary of blood pressure here:

CBD lower pre-stress blood pressure:

Target of many blood pressure meds:

CBD and nitrous oxide:

Fat deposits from bacterial lipids:

Inflammation and blood pressure:

Blood pressure as autoimmune disease:

CBD as anti-oxidant:

Immune cells, macrophages, eat hormone that raises blood pressure:




CBD for Cancer page


CBD and metastasis:

CBD's anti-tumor behavior:

CBD's effect on aggressive cancers:

CBD gene expression and cancer:

Highly invasive cancers:

CBD and cancer's angiogenesis:

Cancer and imflammation:

DNA damage and cancer:


CBD for Dementia and Alzheimer's page

Are Dementia and Alzheimer's the same thing:'s-disease/difference-Dementia-Alzheimer's#Alzheimer's-disease

Inflammation helpful or hurtful:'s/article/new-angle-Alzheimer's-disease-inflammation-connection

Anti-inflammatory use early in life effect:

Genes for microglial cells and dementia:

More on genes at work:

Inflammation drives Alzheimer's:

Microglial cells get stuck on:'s-disease

Summary of inflammation and Dementia:

Genes tied to resolution of immune response:

Over-reactive microglial cells in brain:

Link between other auto-immune diseases and Dementia:

Women's risk and dementia:'s_Disease_Autoimmune_Inflammation_of_the_Brain_That_Can_be_Treated_With_Nasal_Nonsteroidal_Anti-Inflammatory_Drugs

Connection between other infections and dementia: https://blog.Alzheimer'

Herpes I infection and dementia alzheimer's:

Gender and dementia risk:'s-affect-women-more-than-men

Surgical menopause and dementia risk:

Estrogen, progesterone and dementis risk:

Menopause and dementia:

Female hormone decline effects:

Cannabinoids block amyloid plaques:

THC and amyloid plaques:

CBD and toxic effect of amyloid plaques:

Endocannabinoid system and dementia symptoms:

CBD and inflammation associated with dementia:

CBD and neuroprotection:

CB1 receptors and dementia symptoms:

Summary of endocannabinoid and dementia:

Effect of CBD on mice with dementia:

CBD and prevention of dementia:

Benefits of CBD for patients with dementia:

CBD prevent and reverse effects of dementia:

Small study of CBD on dementia patients:

Gum disease and Dementia or Alzheimer's:


CBD for Depression page


CBD as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant:

CBD and pleasure seeking:

CBD as fast anti-depressant:

Anti-depressants use endocannibinoid system:

Grow new neuronal pathways:

CBD, blood pressure, and women's depression:

Stress tolerance and endocannabinoid system:

CBC and depression:

Endocannabinoid system and depression:

CBD for Diabetes page

Inflammation roods and diabetes:

Inflammation affecting insulin:

More inflammation and diabetes:

CBD receptors in pancreas:

CBD receptors affecting important hormones:

Endocannabinoid system and diabetes overview:

Overactive endocannabinoid system and diabetes:

Connection between endocannabinoid system and diabetes/obesity:

Endocannabinoid Anandamide and diabetes:

Comparison versus diabetes meds:

GLP1 activity and cannabinoid:

endocannabinoid connection with obesity:

energy and glucose link:

TRPV1 energy balance:

CBD receptor effect on weight and insulin:

Retinal protection from CBD:

CBD and diabetes complications:

CBD and brown fat:

More brown fat interaction:

CBD and pancreatic cancer:

Does CBD reverse and cure cancer:,-researchers-suggest-95335970.html

Reducing incidence of diabetes:


CBD for Gut Issues page

Gut flora and immune system:

Biotin and hair growth:

Butryate made by gut bacteria:

Gut biome and child health:

Perservatives and gut Inflammation:

Sulfites and gut bacteria:

Autoimmune and gut issues:

endocannabinoid and various gut processes:

gut bacteria signal for both processes:

endocannabinoid, gut bacteria, and obesity:

More on endocannabinoid system and gut functions:

CBD and inflammation in the gut:

CBD for gut lining junctions:

CBD to repair gut lining:

Interaction of CBD and the gut:

Common emulsifiers and anxiety via gut biome:



CBD for Inflammation page


Gardesil and MS:

antibiotics and obesity:

endocannabinoid as immunosuppressant:

endocannabinoid intertwined with inflammation:

CBD effect on inflammation across different diseases:

CBD and cell growth maintenance:

CBD and lung injury inflammation:

CBD and neuropathic and chronic inflammation:

CBD and ulcerative colitis:

CBD and eye retinosis:

CBD, inflammation, and Alzheimer's Dementia:

CBD and heart/arterial inflammation:

CBD and injury inflammation and pain:

CBD for chemo induced inflammation:

CBD and scarring and inflammation:

CBD and amyloid plaque inflammation:

CBD and brain inflammation:

CBD and autoimmune inflammation for encephalomyelitis:


CBD for Mast Cell Activation Disorder page

Food enzyme and gluten insensitivity:

Endocannabinoid and mast cells:

Endocannabinoids as calming effect on mast cell activation:

Endocannabinoids controls mast cell activity:

CBD and Anandamide:

CBD and mast cell calming effect:

CBD and macrophages and mast cell activity:

CBD and myeloid cells:



CBD for Migraines page

Magnesium and Migraines:

Magnesium exhaustion by stress:

Vitamin B12 MTHFR and Migraines:

MTHFR and Migraines:

Guide to magnesium:

magnesium for women:

Gut health and migraines:

Anandamide and migraines:

Endocannabinoid system and migraine pathways:

Endocannabinoid works on triptan pathways:

Abnormal brain activity and migraines:

Endocannabinoid support reduces migraine activity:

Dysfunction of ECS and migraines:

Summary of migraines here:

Genetic mutation of CB gene and migraines:

CBD enhances anandamide:

CBD and migraine pain:

CBD reduces vascular inflammation:

CBD as a neuroprotectant:

CBD study in humans for migraines:

Histamine and migraines:



CBD for Mitochondria page

mitochondria study on mice and age:

CB receptors on mitochondria:

Energy balance and CBD:

Cell life/death and CBD:

CBD and mitochondria calcium channels:

CBD and apoptosis:

CBD as antioxidant:

CBD and neurogenesis:


CBD for Neurogenesis page

neurogenesis and anti-depressant:

neurogenesis and memory or learning:

Parkinson's and neurogenesis:

stress effect on neurogenesis:

stress inhibits neurogenesis:

immune system and neurogenesis:

endocannabinoid and neurogenesis cells:

CB receptors and brain plasticity:

CB receptors promote neuronal growth:

Endocannabinoid and process of growing new neurons:

More research on ECS and neurogenesis:

CBD increases neurogenesis:

CBD uses neurogenesis for anti-anxiety:

CBD offsets negatives of THC:

CBD helps repair after stroke in brain:

CBD and brain fog from histamines:


CBD for OCD page

brain areas and OCD:

twin studies and OCD:

glutamate gene and OCD:

glutamate diets and OCD:


female hormones and OCD:

fluctuation in hormones:

pregnancy and OCD:

estrogen, progesterone and serotonin:

OCD meds and metolites:

strep throat and OCD:

OCD and autoimmune:

Brain inflammation and OCD:

Probitics and OCD:

trauma, PTSD, and OCD:

Histamine, MTHFR, and OCD:

Histamine and Tourettes:

Microglial cells and OCD:

Histamine, microglial, and OCD:

endocannabinoids in brain areas tied to OCD:

endocannabinoids and behavior switching:

endocannabinoid system and glutamate/GABA systems:

endocannabinoid and compulsive behavior: and Stavnezer final.pdf

endocannabinoid and tourettes:

endocannabinoids and GABA/Glutamate balance:

CBD and OCD-like behavior in animal model  here

CBD and fear extinction:

CBD balances glutamate:

CBD, Anandamide, and glutamate balancing:

CBD enhances anandamide signalling:

CBD and GABA levels in brain:

CBD and serotonin balancing:

CBD and neurogenesis in hippocampus:

CBD and tryptophan:







CBD for Pain page


CBD reduces pain:

Summary of CBD and pain:

Inflammation and pain with no side effects:

Create new neurons and connections:

Chronic pain:

CBD versus Opioids:


CBD for Parkinson's page

Gender effect on autoimmune:

Toxins and Parkinson's:

Factors that drive Parkinson's:

T-cells attack neurons:

Anti-inflammatories and Parkinson's:

NSAIDs earlier in life:

Immune system and Parkinson's:

Hormones and Parkinson's:

Summary of hormones and Parkinson's here:

Estrogen and Parkinson's:

More on Estrogen and Parkinson's:

Endocannabinoid system and Parkinson's:

Parkinson's and endocannabinoid dysregulation:

CBD and PDQ-39 results:

CBD and Parkinson's related psychotic symptoms:

CBD and Parkinson's symptoms:

CBD and cell life cycle:

CBD and mitochondrial activity:

Studies on CBD and Parkinson's:



CBD for Perimenopause and Menopause page

Progesterone and symptoms:

Benefits of progesterone:

Difference between progesterone and progestrin:

Progesterone and endocannabinoid system:

Endocannabinoids and early menopause:

Anandamide as "bliss" molecule:


CBD for Psorasis page

stress relating to psoriasis:

balancing skin cell growth and removal:

cell growth balance:

endocannabinoid system and cell growth balance:

endocannabinoid system and skin summary:

CBD and immune response:



CBD for Psychosis and Schizophrenia page

Brain area communication issues:

Neurotransmitters and schizophrenia:

Dopamine levels connection:

Nicotine and schizophrenia:

Levels of inflammation:

Infections and schizophrenia:

CBD offsetting effects of infection caused psychotic issue:

Histamine response and schizophrenia:

Chemicals in environment:

Study on CBD effects for psychosis:

and here:

CBD strains are neuroprotective:

Anandamide levels and schizophrenia:

2AG's impact on cognitive impairment:

CBD and first episode of psychosis:

CBD and inflammation with schizophrenia:

Histamine levels and brain:

and here:

Inflammatory cytokines, CBD and schizophrenia:

Summary of CBD' potential:

Genetics and THC susceptibility:

THC and psychotic behavior:

CBD protects against THC:

CBD might lower risk of THC:


CBD for PTSD page

Experiment with phantom limb pain:

Hippocampus size and PTSD:

Amygdala and PTSD:

CB1 receptors and PTSD:

Ananadamide and PTSD:

Endocannabinoid and glucocorticoids:

Endocannabinoid system and neuroplasticity:

CBD and fear extinction:

CBD and 5HT1A pathway for anxiety:

CBD and adverse conditioning:

CBD helps fear extinction:

CBD for girl with PTSD:

Study of CBD with PTSD:

CBD and fear formation via seratonin:

Gene variant if CBD receptor and PTSD:

Summary of CBD and PTSD:

Endocannabinoid system and fear response:

CBD and hippocampus neurogenesis:


CBD for Skin page

Summary of CBD and skin:

CBD and wide range of effects on skin:

Endocannabinoids and skin:

Effect on CBD on skin illnesses:

Location of CB receptors in skin:

CBD and acne:

CBD and psoriasis:

More on CBD and psoriasis:

Skin allergies:

CBD and skin cancer:

CBD and melanoma:

CBD blocking melanoma growth:

CBD and cancer blood supply:

CBD across cancer fighting elements:

CBD and proliferation of skin cells:

CBD and itching:

CBD and allergic response:

CBD and cell proliferation:

CBD, skin, and outside toxins:

CBD and protection from outside inflammation:

CBD as antioxidant versus Vitamin E and A:


CBD for Pain page


CBD reduces pain:

Summary of CBD and pain:

Inflammation and pain with no side effects:

Create new neurons and connections:

Chronic pain:

CBD versus Opioids:

CBD for Seniors page


CBD for pain:

CBD for dementia:

CBD for anxiety disorders:

Depression and mental health:

Arterial plaque due to bacteria:

CBD and diabetes:


CBD and Sleep page


sleep and CBD summary:

summary of other studies:

Effect on anandamide and sleep:

Alertness during light cycles:

Sleep stability:

REM sleep effects:


Sleep apnea:

Is CBD Safe page


safety profile:

WHO study on safety:

FDA approved medication:

Not habit forming:


THC vs CBD page


Synopsis of cannabinoid interplay:

CBG benefits:

CBC versus CBD:

Myrcene benefits:

Allergy and asthma benefit:

1-2 uses of THC Cannabis affects teen brain volume:



How does CBD work for Weight and Appetite page

Antibiotics in livestock and weight gain:

Use of antibiotics in livestock:

Estrogen and weight gain:

Hormones and weight gain:

Microbiome and weight gain:

Preservatives and weight gain:

Gut bacteria signaling for hunger:

Relationships between appetite and endocannabinoids:

Endocannabinoids and leptin:

Endocannabinoids and hunger:

Endocannabinoid system controls appetite, hunger, and energy systems:

Endocannabinoid system and food addiction:

Reduction in appetite is side effect of CBD:

CBD effects on leptin and ghrelin:

CBD and brown fat:




Women's Guide to CBD page


CBD for anxiety:

Depression and mental health:


Women and inflammation:

CBD and skin:

CBD and pain:

Migraines and fibromyalgia:

CBD and appetite:

Obesity and diabetes:

Energy balance:

CBD and addiction abuse and withdrawal:


blood pressure drop:

Sleep and Parkinson's:




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