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At some point, do we just put "kitchen sink" on the list.


It's actually interesting that one substance can affect so many different issues in the body.

From seemingly disparate and completely unrelated areas!


  • Anxiety and acne
  • Arthritic pain and brown fat creation (important with healthy weight)
  • Blood pressure and anti-convulsing!

This is in the RESEARCH!


We're not just throwing together ailments from Aunt Sally.


Naturally, we're always skeptical when something sounds too good to be true.


We've seen it too many times before, generally at 1am on TV.


Of course CBD isn't new.


It's been used for medicinal reasons over 1000's of years.

It's a vital part of the ancient Indian and Chinese medical traditions via hemp.


If you look at the trendline for most of our modern diseases (autoimmune, alzheimer's, etc), they have all exploded over the past 50 years.


Let's look at why CBD seems to be so successful with our "modern ailments".


We'll look at what research is showing in terms of benefits.


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These are some of the more studied issues, but they've only been researching CBD recently.


There are over 150 studies being done right now!


Let's look at these as a start.


First, a quick recap on what is thought to be going on with CBD to affect so many different issues.




Quick Summary Of How CBD Interacts With Body

Before we get into the list of CBD benefits and uses...


What is thought to be going on?


We've covered a lot on How CBD Works and Beginner's Guide to CBD articles, but a quick recap.


Your body naturally has a system called the endocannabinoid system.


It has receptors (CB1 and CB2) everywhere!


You have natural endocannabinoids in your body such as Anandamide already.


CBD is thought to stimulate this system to function better.

This system appears to be a controller of other very important systems


  • Nervous system (mood, pain, drive, etc)
  • Endocrine system (hormones – appetite, sleep, pain, mood, you name it)
  • Immune system (response to foreign invaders, helps with rebuilding tissue, etc)

Even red blood cells have CBD receptors!


The endocannabinoid system is thought to help the various actors in these systems stay in balance.



Here's a quick visual:


How does CBD work for anxiety

Again, you can read up in more detail how this works.


Let's get to the list of CBD uses and benefits.




List Of CBD Benefits And Uses

Here's the list of CBD uses in no particular order:


Let's look at each one with a little more detail.




CBD As Anti-Inflammatory

This one attribute of being anti-inflammatory is probably CBD's greatest lever to pull.


Inflammation (if excessive) is the scourge of the modern world!


  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Pain
  • Cancer

In fact...many of the other benefits could partially be a result of this anti-inflammatory process.


Check out the CBD research page by healthcare need for specific pages (i.e. pain).


You'll get actual research about CBD and inflammation in those articles specific to the health care need.




CBD As Analgesic (Reduces Pain)

Probably the most popular use of CBD behind sleep!


Chronic pain is epidemic in the US.

Just look at the opiate crisis.


CBD is showing promise across multiple fronts on the war on pain.


Check our the research at our CBD and Pain page here.




CBD As Sleep Aid

Like we said above...probably the biggest use of CBD is for sleep.


Quality sleep.


The number of women in their 40's, 50's, and 60's that respond...


"I couldn't sleep if it weren't for CBD"

Is ridiculous!


That may sound anecdotal but if you hear things over and over, eventually anecdote crosses over to something more.


Check out the research on CBD used for sleep here.




CBD As Anticonvulsant

This might be where it all started.


Charlotte Figi was a young girl who was riddled by seizures.


There are heartbreaking videos of her in the middle of these horrifying seizures and then receiving cannabis.

The seizures just stop.


If you don't tear up...there's something wrong.


It's nothing short of a miracle.


Keep in mind that for many people with these seizures, they have tried all the other medications...most of which have horrific side effects.


It's a Godsend.




CBD As Anti-Cancer

This a new area of research.


CBD shows promise both for:


  • Fighting tumor starting, growth, and spreading
  • Helping with the side effects of traditional cancer treatment

Read up on the research on CBD used for cancer here.




CBD As Anxiolytic (Anti-Anxiety)

This one hits close to home (our story here).


Perimenopause and puberty simultaneously wholloped up with anxiety.

CBD is showing tremendous progress with anxiety across a range of metrics.


Check out the research on CBD used for anxiety here.




CBD As Antidepressant

Anxiety's common companion, depression, is also showing CBD's impressive reach in the body (and brain).


Using the 5HTP pathway, it appears to convey antidepressant benefits.

Throw in:


  • new neuronal growth
  • a strong safety profile
  • non-habit forming

What's not to like.


Especially compared to the antidepression medications on the market.


Read up on CBD used for depression here.




CBD As Detoxing Agent

Our bodies are under assault in the modern world:


  • Heavy metals
  • Plastics
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • 10's of 1000's of chemicals
  • Pesticides and industrial toxins

It's in all of our blood unfortunately.


CBD shows promise to move these toxins across the gut lining and out of our bodies!

Obviously, this affects many of the other benefits on this list (cancer, imflammation, etc).




CBD And Autoimmune Diseases

Check out the ads on cable TV right now.


Most of them are directly tied to an auto-immune disease.


Some of them cost 10's or $1000's each year.


Those are some of the more common ones.


Now, the list may include arterial schlerosis, Dementia, Alzheimers, and more!

You can check out research on CBD and Dementia and Alzheimer's here.


CBD shows promise to calm the immune system down so it doesn't attack us!


Learn about CBD and autoimmune here.




CBD And Neuronal Growth

Neural plasticity.


That's a mouthful.


It basically means that your brain and nervous system can adapt and change.


It's why everything seems so new and exciting to a child!

They are making BDNF by the boatloads!


That starts to dwindle as we get older.


  • Excercise can increase it.
  • Exposure to cold and fasting.
  • Oh...and CBD!

Very important to forget bad memories and make new ones!




CBD As Antipsychotic

This may be one of the most exciting discoveries!


CBD is showing promise to balance areas of the brain that go haywire for people experiencing psychotic behaviors!

To a point where their doctors no longer classified them as exhibiting symptoms.


There is no much suffering for people with schizophrenia, bi-polar, and the like.


We need much more research in what is going on with CBD and psychosis here.




CBD As Hormone Balancer

We found the hard way just how important hormone balance is.


When my wife went through menopause, the bottom dropped out!


Women's hormonal dance is much more complicated than men's.


Throw in all the estrogen mimickers and estrogen disruptors that we are awashed in!

  • That Starbucks cup
  • The hormones in our meat supply
  • That sunblock

Don't get us started on the chemicals found in cosmetics and "health" and beauty supplies.


The endocrine system is where this dance plays out, and the endocannabinoid system is thought to keep this in balance.




CBD And Negatives Thoughts And PSTD

CBD is showing remarkable possibilities for negative thoughts, the downside of OCD, and PSTD.


It's a one-two-THREE punch.


  • Decrease negativity, anxiety, and depression
  • Forget bad memories
  • Spur neuronal growth to "re-write" thought patterns.

Check out the research in the CBD for Anxiety or CBD for Depression pages.




CBD And Diabetes

Some people can eat whatever they want and not get diabetes


Some people are rail thin but get diabetes


Our concept of what the disease is might be shifting.


It's looking like another autoimmune disease where our immune system is attacking islet cells in the kidneys.

We know that CBD calms the immune response. It also is anti-inflammatory.


It furthers help to balance hormones which control appetite, brown fat creation, energy usage, and other aspects that circle around diabetes.

We've created an entire article with research on CBD used for diabetes.




CBD And Alzheimer's, Dementia, And Parkinson's

As we mentioned above, as our system is over-run with inflammation, our immune system goes haywire and starts attacking us.


Above, with diabetes, it's attacking the islet cells.


There's new tantalizing research showing that the dreaded Alzheimer's and Dementia diseases may be this run away immune response attacking our brains!

Parkinson's may be autoimmune attack on central and peripheral nervous systems.


Again, inflammation rears its nasty head.


Check out the full article on CBD and Dementia or Alzheimer's here.


Information on CBD and Parkinson's here.




CBD To Lower Blood Pressure And Heart Health

Finally, and maybe most importantly...heart health.


Of course, removing anxiety, depression, and the other issues above are critically important to heart health.


But CBD appears to have other positive benefits:


  • CBD has been shown to lower blood pressure (vasodilator)
  • CBD is showing benefit with arrhythmias
  • CBD reduces system inflammation

The last one is really important since inflammation is now being touted as a critical piece in the arterial and heart wall plaque build up.


We're building the CBD used for heart health article and we won't miss a beat (sorry...bad pun).




Review Of CBD Uses And Benefits

This is just some of the more researched areas.


We'll add results from dozens of research being done right now!


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