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How to Save on CBD Isolate (please!!)


We'll look at two aspects...how to get savings for the actual purchase and also, how to stretch your CBD so it lasts longer!


First...the purchase side..lots of savings to be had.


1. Embrace Subscription Discounts:

Unlock continuous savings by opting for CBD subscriptions. Many brands offer subscription services that provide a steady supply of CBD at a discounted rate. Enjoy the convenience of automatic deliveries while benefiting from subscription-exclusive discounts.


Remember, flexibility is key, and you can often modify or cancel your subscription at any time.


2. Refer Friends for Exclusive Deals:

Several CBD brands encourage word-of-mouth marketing by offering referral programs.


Share your positive experiences with friends, and in return, both you and your friend may receive special discounts on future purchases. It's a simple way to save while expanding the community of CBD enthusiasts.


3. Leverage Review Incentives:

Your opinions matter, and many CBD brands appreciate customer feedback.


Explore brands that offer discounts or rewards in exchange for leaving reviews on their products. Your authentic experiences not only contribute to a transparent marketplace but also earn you savings on your next CBD purchase.


4. Hunt for Limited-Time Promotions:

Stay vigilant for special promotions and discounts. Many CBD brands run periodic sales, holiday promotions, or exclusive deals. Keep an eye on their websites, newsletters, or social media channels to catch these limited-time opportunities for significant savings.



Remember, while these tips provide general guidance, it's essential to check the specific terms and conditions of each brand's offerings. With the right approach, you can enjoy the benefits of premium CBD while keeping your budget in check. Happy saving!


Now the Product Side!


So, you've got a fresh bottle of CBD oil. Now, picture this: pouring 75% of it into the toilet. Sounds absurd, right? Well, that's essentially what happens when you take CBD without understanding a critical aspect of how your body processes it.


The Costly CBD Conundrum:


CBD is an investment, and wasting 75% of it is not only financially draining but also counterproductive to your wellness goals. The market is flooded with subpar CBD, and consumer reports reveal major brands often have significantly lower CBD levels than claimed on the bottle.


We believe you deserve every bit of the CBD you pay for. That's why we're here to shed light on a simple trick that can potentially save you up to 75% on your CBD expenses.


Understanding the P450 Pathway:


When you consume CBD, your body's liver gets to work.


The P450 pathway, akin to a major highway, processes incoming chemicals. CBD, like many substances, relies on this pathway for breakdown and elimination.


Timing Matters: How the Liver Processes CBD:


The liver's capacity is finite, and it juggles various tasks simultaneously. Timing is crucial.


Taking CBD too close to medications can lead to interference in absorption.


Here's where the magic happens: the liver's hands are occupied, presenting an opportunity to optimize CBD absorption.


Jailbreaking CBD: A Fatty Distraction:


For CBD to be effective, it needs to enter your bloodstream efficiently.


Holding it under the tongue is a direct method, but avoiding the liver is equally important. The trick? Take CBD after a meal, ideally a fatty one. This distracts the liver, allowing more CBD to bypass its processing.


Unlocking the 4x Advantage:


Research reveals that CBD taken after a meal becomes four times more bioavailable.


This means that a significant portion of CBD can navigate through the digestive tract and liver, reaching your system more effectively.


Practical Implications: Simple Shift, Significant Impact:


Here's the bottom line: when you take CBD matters. If you're taking 100mg of CBD before a meal, you might only be getting around 25mg into your system. However, take that same dose after a meal, and you could potentially absorb much more.


Making Every Drop Count: A Call to Action:


It's surprising that this information isn't standard in every CBD user's manual.  Reducing the relative cost by 75% can make premium CBD more accessible for everyone.


Don't let your CBD dollars go down the drain. Empower yourself with knowledge, and take charge of when you consume CBD. Explore our many guides for more insights, especially around dosage research. It's time to make every CBD dollar count. Your wellness journey deserves it.