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The NECESSITY of CBD 3rd Party Testing


This is deeply personal for us.


 If you've perused our narrative, you're aware of the challenging journey through perimenopause that propelled our exploration of CBD. Initially, we experimented with several prominent brands, experiencing adverse effects that contradicted existing research.


We discovered a crucial distinction: Full spectrum CBD differed significantly from CBD isolate, especially for individuals with allergies or histamine sensitivity – a demographic comprising approximately 40-60% of the population, particularly higher among women undergoing hormonal changes.


For me, CBD isolate eliminated side effects, allowing access to the much-needed benefits for issues like anxiety, histamine response, and sleep. Our commitment is personal, and as a family, aligning with our health-conscious practices.


Here are key considerations when evaluating any CBD brand:


1. Source of CBD:


We meticulously select vendors with an FDA-registered farm, organically grown industrial hemp meeting federal requirements, GMP certification, THC-free, and utilizing a CO2 cold extraction process.

The source matters, and starting with high-quality hemp is non-negotiable.

2. Type of Processing:


Our CBD products boast high CBD levels relative to mere hemp oil.

Some major brands market "hemp oil" with minimal CBD content, capitalizing on consumer unfamiliarity.

We base our approach on NIH research, ensuring adequate CBD levels for effectiveness in addressing various health concerns.

3. 3rd Party Testing (CRUCIAL):


Transparency is paramount. We insist on 3rd party testing, requiring it twice – once with the raw hemp vendor and again with the final product.

Basic tests include cannabidioid levels, absence of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvents, mold, and bacteria.


You can find 3rd Party Testing for top sourced CBD here:  CBD with 3rd Party Testing

4. Ingredients:


Our chosen CBD oils comprise CBD isolate (meeting stringent qualifications) and MCT oil extracted from organic coconut.

We avoid eschew artificial additives found in some brands, prioritizing simplicity and absorption efficiency.

5. Support:


Beyond product quality, we emphasize customer support and education.

We engage with clients through ongoing emails, sharing not only CBD insights but also information on complementary tools based on individual needs.

Our dedication stems from personal struggles, and we seek to assist others in reclaiming control over their health.


Transparency is our focus, exemplified through our third-party testing results, accessible communication channels, and a commitment to finding quality production processes.


HowCBDWorks is more than a website; it's a partner in your wellness journey. Feel free to reach out – we're here to help you navigate your unique health needs.